last updated: 23rd june, 2023

Refund policy-

The application fees once paid is non-refundable even if the application is rejected for any reason.

Fee once paid will not be given refund.

When an applicant makes double payment by mistake, refund can be considered only on bringing it to the notice of by mail within 3 days of making such payment. Any kind of requests beyond these 3 days period will not be entertained. The refund process via same source of payments made in such cases will be initiated in 20-25 working days after receiving the refund request in all eligible case of refund. This causes applicable only in case of multiple payments by a candidate for the notification.

During the process of making payment by the applicant, by any chance the amount is deducted from the applicant and the same has not reached account is automatically refunded by the Payment gateway provider on bringing the issue to the notice of Payment Gateway service provider.